Place of the online pharmacies on the international pharmaceutical market

The location area of the pharmacy has been traditionally an important factor determining its commercial success. Nevertheless, many consumers are not ready to stand in line saying nothing of the discussion of the problems with health in strangers' presence. Even if this is a professional pharmacist or physician, people try to conceal their problems with health condition especially if it concerns intimate details Lipitor no prescription. And if saving costs is added to the mentioned above, an availability of the selling of medical products in the online pharmacies does not cause doubts.

History of the Internet pharmacy appearance: The legislation of the USA determines online pharmacies as physical or legal entities which sell prescription or over-the-counter medical products via Internet and send them to consumers via post-office or with the help of the delivery service.
Online pharmacies appeared at the end of 90th, more precisely in 1998 with the territory of the USA. Initially, North American pharmacy was the additional source created by the owners of the common pharmacies to increase informative base and make the search of the drugs easier. Online pharmacies were like informative location where it was possible to find out what drugs were on Buy Nexium Online the warehouse, and the main information about this medical drug.
In Europe the development of the online pharmacies was slower and unlike North American pharmacy they were directed to the sale of the drugs via Internet and were the bigger trade area.
The North American pharmacy was accepted well. But the European countries were divided into two camps: the first one was those who maintained online pharmacies and allowed their licensing, and the second one was opponents of the online pharmacies.
Up to now there are countries where online pharmacies work unofficially and the Internet websites are just closed. The legal precedent which was many years ago allows consumers of these countries to buy medical products in the countries with legal Internet pharmacies (for example, in North American pharmacy) with the further delivery for the personal use. Buy citalopram Online

Work of the Internet pharmacy in the USA: Well-developed online pharmacies are allowed in the USA. According to different appraisals about 300-400 legal online pharmacies which are located in the USA and Canada are registered on the market of the remote sale of the medical remedies. However, a real number of the online pharmacies exceeds one thousand Lexapro No Prescription. The matter is that the process of the legalization of the online pharmacy takes much time and requires additional strict rules. The owners of the online pharmacies sometimes may not execute requirements, and therefore their pharmacies are not licensed or are at the stage of the approval for a long period of time.
Legal online pharmacies the list of which is represented in the legislative sources have licenses for corresponding activity and are represented as local pharmacy institutions. Such online pharmacies ask for a doctor's prescription for the medical product during the order.
As the sale of the drugs without prescription is prohibited in the USA some online pharmacies have adjusted and created consulting centers in which professional pharmacists work. Reaching the pharmacist of the online pharmacy now it is possible to get prescription online, or get consultation about your problem.
But not all North American pharmacy provide consultation, therefore buying drugs online you may scan the prescription and attach it to your order. But even if there is certain number of the tablets in the prescription, you can buy more in North American pharmacy. Online pharmacies work by their own principles, and therefore not all conditions of the prescription are followed there, and this is in favor of the buyers, of course. Cialis Professional

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