How Do You Buy Sildenafil?

The drug Sildenafil can be obtained via a prescription from a doctor or through an online pharmacy (also known as an e-pharmacy). E-pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience for patients and the cheaper service they provide. However, patients should always be aware that there are illegal, bogus e-pharmacies on the web that sell dangerous fake drugs. It can be hard to distinguish a legitimate e-pharmacy website from a fake one, so we will point out some red flags to look out for in this article.

Buying Sildenafil from a legal, licensed e-pharmacy is perfectly fine, and the drugs supplied from them should be the real deal. Below we will list all the ways that patients can obtain Sildenafil, and what to look out for when distinguishing real e-pharmacies from fake ones.

Doctor’s Surgeries


If you believe you need Sildenafil, speak to your doctor. It is commonly prescribed for two conditions – erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) – which are very different but treated in similar ways. Both conditions require the widening of blood vessels to rectify their symptoms, which is precisely what Sildenafil does.

Patients with blood pressure problems of the heart and lungs may be prescribed a 10mg-20mg dose of Sildenafil, either in the form of pills or single-use injections. It is advised that if you are going to buy Sildenafil online, always go for the pills. Medical needles should only be obtained from a brick and mortar medical establishment. Do not use any needles obtained online due to fears of cross-contamination of the blood, which can cause diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

Sildenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is extremely common, and the drug can be prescribed by your doctor if you are suffering with ED. There are three doses of Sildenafil for ED: 25, 50 or 100mg. Your doctor will be able to judge which dose will be most effective in your case. There is always the option to increase dosage if your first dose doesn’t work, and it is safe to do so.

It is always advised that you have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor before taking medication. However, the rise of reputable e-pharmacies can be a good option for many reasons, which we’ll list below.



Lots of patients are turning to e-pharmacies as a convenient, less expensive way to obtain their medications. Here are a few reasons why some prefer ordering their drugs online instead of visiting a doctor’s surgery:

  • Many doctor’s surgeries are hugely over-subscribed and busy, meaning patients can wait weeks for an appointment.
  • Patients with reduced mobility can find it difficult to attend their doctor’s surgery.
  • Patients who live far away from their nearest medical establishment may wish to use e-pharmacies to prevent travelling a long way for medication.
  • E-pharmacies offer reduced prices for medications. This is because when you visit a doctor’s surgery, you also pay for the doctor’s time.


Identifying Legal E-Pharmacies


Before you purchase ANY drug online, it is important to be certain that the website you are placing an order from is one that supplies real, regulated drugs, and not dangerous counterfeit versions that can cause serious complications when consumed. Here are some points to look for when using an e-pharmacy to ensure you are getting real medication and not a fake that could make you very ill.

  • A reputable e-pharmacy always has a team of real doctors and pharmacists behind it. These medical professionals will check your medication request before administering the desired drug to you – like a kind of ‘online consultation’. You will be required to fill in a form with your medical details and reason for wanting the drug, and a doctor will check this before allowing you to buy. If your e-pharmacy does not require this step, do not buy.
  • It’s always best to buy from a trusted source that you already know, such as the online pharmacy counterpart for your usual in-person pharmacy.
  • If the drug you want to buy is listed extremely cheaply (e.g. for £5 where it is usually £50), be wary that it is highly likely to be a fake product.
  • Be aware that some fraudsters will put fake drugs inside real medication packets, to trick customers.

Always be safe online and choose a registered e-pharmacy. Thoroughly inspect any drug and its packaging and instructions before taking them. If you suffer any adverse effects from drugs bought online, seek medical help immediately.

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